Today is a great day. No seriously, it is! There are so many opportunities in this world for you, so many good things happening or about to happen in your life - even though sometimes it's hard to see all that good through the wall of stress we sometimes experience day to day. You know the mishaps, the mistakes, the regrets, the blocks, the let downs, the barriers we face in our personal and professional lives...



Instead, why not leave your stress from this week behind? On the form to your right, feel free to anonymously write down and let go of anything that has you stressed out, burnt out, disconnected

or self-doubting.


Once you're done, click "submit" to drop it straight into The Stress Box. Then get back to enjoying your day. Your brain will thank you!

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Want more ways to reduce your stress? Why not try The Doodle Challenge


In the comment box below, drop whatever has got you feeling... 

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